Simplify the Forex markets with the Platinum Forex Training Programme

Who are Copy Trade Platinum?
We are a team of traders with a unique approach to trading the Forex markets.
We have a worldwide community and are growing by the day.
You will become a member of our training programme and also be given the opportunity to converse with other like minded traders.

If I signup to one of the packages can I cancel at anytime?

Yes of course. There is no long term contract and you can cancel the recurring payment at anytime.

I am a total novice to the forex world can I still benefit from this course?

Yes 100%
We have catered this programme for every experience level so everyone is welcome.

If I have a problem or question is there support available?

Our support team can be contacted by email / WhatsApp 24/6.

How much money do I need to start trading?

In our experience the general recommendation would be 1000 (whichever currency you use) however this course once purchased can be used first of all to practice on a demo account (which requires no deposit) and you can progress to a real account when you are totally comfortable. Broker dependant some real accounts can be opened with as little as 20 deposit.

Is the content in the course going to be regularly updated?

Yes we will update the overall content at least once per week.

Can I cancel my membership at anytime and am I tied in to a contract?

Yes of course you can cancel whenever you want. There is no contract you simply choose the 3 or 6 month membership option.

Where can I access the membership content?

All of our content can be accessed through your own personal members dashboard which you get access to as a Platinum member.
You can login on any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

You can take a look at the course content, the unit titles and running order.

We will upload weekly breakdown videos of the currency pairs we are looking at for the week ahead and if / when we will be entering so everyone can be on the same page.

You will also have access to 1on1 Skype lessons to truly upgrade your personal trading to the highest level.

Simply enrol in the programme and take the first step to becoming a full time trader today.

Take the first step to becoming a full time Forex trader

Risk Warning
Any information provided should not be considered as investment advice. Trading carries high risk of losing all the invested capital.

Course Curriculum

What is Forex and why do people trade it? 00:00:00
The 4 major Forex markets 00:00:00
Frequently asked questions and useful information 00:00:00
Technical vs Fundamental analysis 00:00:00
Create your own trading account 00:00:00
Take note 00:00:00
Trading styles 00:00:00
Is it as easy as it looks? 00:00:00
Demo Vs Live 00:00:00
Revenge Trading 00:00:00
Greed 00:00:00
Risk management 00:00:00
Getting Started
Trading View setup 00:00:00
Trading view navigation 00:00:00
Identity the trend 00:00:00
Support / Resistance 00:00:00
Trendlines 00:00:00
FIB tool 00:00:00
Moving Averages 00:00:00
Key levels 00:00:00
The formidable candle 00:00:00
Open an close 00:00:00
Scalp Trading 101 00:00:00
Advanced Trading
Bounce or Break 00:00:00
Stop loss and Take profit 00:00:00
Does the perfect trade setup exist? 00:00:00
Momentum 00:00:00
Favourite pairs 00:00:00
Plan the trade – Trade the plan 00:00:00
Trade what you see and NOT what you think 00:00:00
Advanced FIB trading 00:00:00
Market Patterns
Head and shoulders 00:00:00
Inverse Head and Shoulders 00:00:00
Wedge / Triangle patterns 00:00:00
Channel Trading 00:00:00
Platinum Trading
Reversal strategy 00:00:00
Scalp trading strategy 00:00:00
Platinum Community
You are one of us now. 00:00:00
Market breakdown 06/05/19 00:00:00
Gold – New analyst 00:00:00
Chart breakdown 21/06/19 00:00:00
22/07/2019 00:00:00
Chart breakdown July 30th 00:00:00
27/08/19 Video breakdown 00:00:00
Work for us and earn a new income
Become a Platinum Affiliate 00:00:00
Webinar 02/04/19 00:00:00

About CopyTradePlatinum

Copy Trade Platinum is a Forex Training Programme designed to simplify the way you look at the Forex markets

Unlock full access to the programme and take the first step to becoming a full time trader.